Cups at Saint Sulpice Ceramics Fair

Coffee & Ceramics

Reviews/Reports 05.08.12

A little bit of serendipitous wandering in Paris last month found me visiting the church of St. Sulpice on the same day as a ceramic fair had overtaken the adjoining square.  An overwhelming amount of  work from potters all over France was on show, and at the centre of the show, to my delight, was an ingenious impromptu cafe.  The premise of this construction was that each potter had contributed a number of vessels, sufficient in size to hold coffee or tea, which the passer-by (me) could choose  to drink their drink from. I duly obliged, ordering a coffee and selecting a small white slip-cast cup. Here lay the ingeniousness of the cafe. The inevitable consequence of drinking from this unique cup, was that I formed a sort of bond with it, and, upon finishing my coffee, I had to buy it from the potter who had made it, and take it with me.

Ceramic Fair Cafe at Saint Sulpice

Cups at Saint Sulpice Ceramics Fair

Cups at Saint Sulpice Ceramics Fair

My cup at Saint Sulpice Ceramics Fair

The Ceramiste who made my little cup is Aline Lafollie, who makes beautiful, minimal work out of her studio in Arras.

Her website:

Comments 2

  1. artdoesmatter says on 14.08.12

    What a fantastic premise for a show. Would have loved to have seen, in-person. Lovely piece you chose, I might add!

  2. Guy says on 15.08.12

    Why thank you! It has become my go-to espresso cup and is a joy to use. Thanks for stopping by!

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