Work 14.11.07

© 2007 Guy Hohmann. All Rights Reserved.

I have just completed the first edition of Harmony, a modular bench constructed from solid Ash, plywood, vacuum formed Styrene and upholstered with artificial turf. Harmony is a reflection on our contemporary relationship with the natural world and the way man made objects reflect the manner of this relationship. Harmony will be exhibited in the Suite 6/Object Design section of the Unitec Grad Show 2007 opening on November 28th. Better images and a more detailed description of Harmony will be up on my portfolio page once I sort out some proper photos.

Comments 2

  1. Diana says on 13.02.08

    It’s supposed to reflect our relationship with nature, but in what way? That we think everything in nature is beautiful but still believe as humans we can make it better by making it ourselves?

  2. Guy says on 10.04.08

    Yes more or less. Our willingness to attempt to replicate nature and our frequent failures to come anywhere close. With a trace of this practice of replication like fake turf, the relationship is much more complex, it is not simply a replication of nature but is now being held up as a replication of nature which can be used to help ‘protect’ levels of natural resources such as water.

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