Garden Bench By Jurgen Bey

On Design 11.10.07

In this 1999 project for Droog, Bey uses compacted garden mulch as the only material in the construction of a functional outdoor seat.By using an unprocessed natural construction material, Bey makes use of the natural cycle of decay without in any way disrupting it.His bench is extruded from a waste product of natural decay, which, after being used for a period, can continue to decay into soil.Bey calls Garden Bench “Research for staying in nature”*; an apt description of an object which is both a suggested means for continuing to exist in harmony with nature and an integrated element in a natural process. ^The photo links to Studio Jurgenbey’s website.


Jurgen Bey, “Jurgen Bey (1965),” DesignWS. 15 Sept. 2007. <;

Comments 2

  1. shari says on 20.01.10

    what about the process of turning the mulch into the bench. Is the machine environmental or just the final product?

  2. Guy says on 24.01.10

    Good question. The object itself is certainly biodegradable, whether that makes it ‘environmental’ is up for debate. In ascertaining whether the machine is ‘environmentally friendly’ you would need to find out how the machine works, what it is made out of, what it runs on, how long its projected life is etc… I guess what was interesting about this object for me was the question it raised about our attachment to objects with long life-times (relative to our own) and whether our present need to be more environmentally aware will act as a catalyst to make us move to valuing objects with shorter life-times. I also like the way it integrated a human invented form (bench) with ‘natural’ material in a very logical way to create an object which communicates both the man made and the ‘earthy’.

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