On Design’s Relationship with the ‘Natural World’

Work 02.08.07

I think that making objects is something I do because I believe it is fundamental to my humanness. Because I am making something for an acknowledged purpose (in the future) I am making something in time (which is a human construct). My object making acknowledges the passing of time. It acknowledges that I am a human being who by his very ability to perceive nature has been placed outside of nature, and can therefore never understand what it is to be a part of it. Therefore central to my practice of object making is the human experience of nature. I think that our fascination with nature and the concepts of beauty we attach to it stem from a knowledge that we have been a part of nature and the accompanying knowledge that we can never go back to that state. This second notion, the no-return clause, is I think what engenders our desire to understand nature.

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